A True Absent Mind (seraphene) wrote in worship_afriend,
A True Absent Mind

i heart my dave

cryllius, dave, is one of my best friends. i love him to death, & i can't imagine life without him any more than i can life without warped_princess or my mom -- the other two most important people in the world to me. dave makes me feel so happy. i've always kinda thought that i needed a reason to be happy -- & not even that, necessarily, but kind of that idea, you know? but since i've been talking to him, i'm just so much happier so much of the time. he's the first person to truly make me feel beautiful, to truly make me feel sexy, to truly make me feel like i'm important -- other than sara [the princess], of course.

he's such a great person; he takes everything exactly for what it's worth, which is an outlook i think more people need on life. he's always laughing, always smiling, doesn't get upset. he understands me so well, & when i'm talking to him, i feel like i couldn't possibly say anything stupid, i feel like everything i say is important & worthwhile. i feel worthwhile.

i feel so great. he makes me feel so great. i hope all of you have a friend or two like that, because it's so important to have someone that understands you & knows you as well as you do or better.

haha, i could go on for so much longer, but i won't. that's my worshipable friend for the day :]
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