Simulated Porn Musician (mandykay) wrote in worship_afriend,
Simulated Porn Musician


OMG sometimes nick and i are so funny i want to pee my pants laughing!

piercedspambo: damnit you better get up here and sit on my bed again or dance on my table
DropThatBass4Me: LOL
piercedspambo: and be all slutty
piercedspambo: well the slutty part is easy
piercedspambo: cause yanno
piercedspambo: youre easy like sunday morning
piercedspambo: LOL
DropThatBass4Me: lol
piercedspambo: ooooohhhhhhh wait isnt that breezy
DropThatBass4Me: LOL!

DropThatBass4Me: she didnt belive me cuz i dont have big knockers
piercedspambo: flat chest flat ass dayum
DropThatBass4Me: lol
DropThatBass4Me: im just flat
piercedspambo: god let you down
DropThatBass4Me: LOL)@#($*@(*$#(@$(#@()$@
piercedspambo: lol
piercedspambo: you said breast god heard rest and went to take a nap
DropThatBass4Me: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DropThatBass4Me: what about ass
DropThatBass4Me: did he go get some ass?
DropThatBass4Me: we was like yea sure i need some ass
DropThatBass4Me: *finds whore*
piercedspambo: you said ass and he went fishing for bass
DropThatBass4Me: LOL!!!
piercedspambo: somethings kinda fishy bout that guy
DropThatBass4Me: hashyehh
piercedspambo: LOL

piercedspambo: humping legs and molesting cupboards in a town near you
DropThatBass4Me: LOL!!!!1
piercedspambo: i do it all for the cupboards
DropThatBass4Me: AHHHHAHH(#@Q#*$@#*)($*$@)$*@()$!!(_!(#@
piercedspambo: tommy lee aint got nothing on this drawer ok
DropThatBass4Me: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
piercedspambo: *pats my head* dont be scurred
DropThatBass4Me: :-P
DropThatBass4Me: LOL
piercedspambo: ill tap that brass
piercedspambo: LOL
DropThatBass4Me: OMG)#@$(
piercedspambo: *takes a bow*
DropThatBass4Me: i cant see
DropThatBass4Me: hahah
DropThatBass4Me: my eyes are watery
piercedspambo: we should get into furniture stripping
DropThatBass4Me: LOL
piercedspambo: but id feel violated
DropThatBass4Me: LO!L!!!!!
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