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A shoutin' out to some of my friends...

(in alphabetical order)

evil_lynn: It's kinda funny how I came across her...and I'm glad I did. Not literally of course (laughs). Not only has she been a cool friend herself but I snagged a few off of her too.
She has the honors of bein' the 2nd LJ'er to ever meet me...

gatheringgloom: Neither of us remembers how we met...but we've been friends pretty much my whole time here...and...uhhh...nevermind (blushes).

inburrito: I know this dude always has my back. If it weren't for him I never would have met mandykay...even though the circumstances behind that were odd too...

rockstar_no_koi: the LJ'er I've known the longest...and I could really waste all sorts of time and space here babblin' 'bout how great she is and how glad I am to have her as a friend but I'll spare you...

the_magus_: odd...the LJ'er I've known the second longest...and now happens to be a friend of the one I've known the longest. It's funny how many similarities I've noticed 'tween us and yet how many things are diametrically opposed...

the_seventh: I really don't talk to him too often,and haven't known him too long either,but I do know he's a great guy. Not just 'cause he was willing to drive a hell of a long way in the opposite direction just to give me a ride home either...that's probably just the tip of the iceberg.

umokay: my alleged older half brother and pseudo look alike. The first LJ'er to meet me...well,'cause he answered the door while evil_lynn was elsewhere in the house. He's an all around great guy and I know he's got my back as much as inburrito does..
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