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A shoutin' out to some of my friends...

(in alphabetical order)

evil_lynn: It's kinda funny how I came across her...and I'm glad I did. Not literally of course (laughs). Not only has she been a cool friend herself but I snagged a few off of her too.
She has the honors of bein' the 2nd LJ'er to ever meet me...

gatheringgloom: Neither of us remembers how we met...but we've been friends pretty much my whole time here...and...uhhh...nevermind (blushes).

inburrito: I know this dude always has my back. If it weren't for him I never would have met mandykay...even though the circumstances behind that were odd too...

rockstar_no_koi: the LJ'er I've known the longest...and I could really waste all sorts of time and space here babblin' 'bout how great she is and how glad I am to have her as a friend but I'll spare you...

the_magus_: odd...the LJ'er I've known the second longest...and now happens to be a friend of the one I've known the longest. It's funny how many similarities I've noticed 'tween us and yet how many things are diametrically opposed...

the_seventh: I really don't talk to him too often,and haven't known him too long either,but I do know he's a great guy. Not just 'cause he was willing to drive a hell of a long way in the opposite direction just to give me a ride home either...that's probably just the tip of the iceberg.

umokay: my alleged older half brother and pseudo look alike. The first LJ'er to meet me...well,'cause he answered the door while evil_lynn was elsewhere in the house. He's an all around great guy and I know he's got my back as much as inburrito does..
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Aw, shucks. I loves you man.
...I loves you too...

(looks out at everyone else)

what're you lookin' at?!? (waves fist)
Is it wrong?
if our friends didn't know better they'd say we're bona fide queers...between the comments here and in your journal...
I guess you could say I'm like Batman to your Superman heh. Really interesting post, I should do one of these myself sometime. I'll be perfectly honest, you, livingmisery, mtsmth, and taiku are the only ones on my friends list I respect
I may even do a more verbose version of the post too...I could say a lot more 'bout everyone I mentioned...I just didn't want to do a mega post...

if you were to do a post like might want to do it in the worship_afriend help keep it goin'...I hate when communities die or become the exclusive property of a few...
:) i lubs you!!
back at ya :>